Secret Pen Pal Registration
Sign-Up Deadline is June 30, 2020

You will receive an email with your Secret Pen Pal contact information and guidelines by: Friday, July 10th

Requirement: Minimum of 2 emails

1st due by: Friday, July 24th

2nd due by: Friday, August 14th

Secret Pen Pal correspondence will start as soon as you get your Secret Pen Pal contact information.

*Registrants must be users of the Muehl Public Library, Seymour, WI.

*The Muehl Public Library (Seymour) will not have access to the emails exchanged between registrants. Parents will be expected to help their child stay safe online.

Any questions or concerns please email to Elizabeth @
Child's Name *
Child's Age *
Child's Preferred Email (You may want to set up a special email address to participate in the Secret Pen Pals that doesn't show your name or interfere with your personal accounts.) *
Parent/Guardian's Full Name *
Parent/Guardian's Preferred Email *
Registrant's Library Card Number (Use adult's library card number if child does not have their own. Please contact Elizabeth at the Muehl Public Library/Seymour/if you cannot remember your card number.) *
Parent/Guardian's Phone Number (Where best reached) *
Registrant's Grade Level (the grade you are going into) We will be pen pals with kids from another library in OWLS. Cool! *
Registrant's Preference (*Matching you to your preference depends on how many registrants we get for each group. By choosing "Either", we can try to match you with someone closer to your age/grade level. ) *
Would you be interested in corresponding with more than one pen pal if the need arises? *
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