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Has your child been affected by water beads? We want to hear your story. Every single day, four children end up in emergency rooms due to water bead incidents resulting in the removal of beads from the ears, noses, airways, and gastrointestinal tracts of children across the country. Our goal is to get water beads off the market and you can help by sharing what happened to your family.
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Do you give, That Water Bead Lady, permission to report your child's injury to the Consumer Product Safety on your behalf? (You and your child's privacy is of the upmost importance to us.)
Do you grant That Water Bead Lady permission to reach out to you? ( Our organization is dedicated to supporting families affected by product injuries. We provide a comprehensive range of services, including connecting families with community resources, facilitating connections with other families who have faced similar experiences, arranging meetings with government officials, coordinating media interviews, and more. )
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