Sex Work Decrim Canvassing
Thanks for your interest in canvassing with us! The plan is to canvass in different neighborhoods in Ward 6 (such as NoMa Metro stop, Eastern Market Metro stop, SW Waterfront Metro stop, and Stadium Armory Metro stop) and other wards to get support for the bill and pressure Councilmember Allen to hold a hearing for it.

*Volunteers will be provided training on the day of so there's no experience needed.

Prelim schedule:
Up to 1 hour of training (including roleplay)
May take up to 45 minutes to drive to the location
2 hours of canvassing

Can you canvass on any of these days? *
I'm not able to canvass on any of the given days, but am still interested in canvassing with y'all (Check one if this applies to you)
Please check if you are interested in any of these activities:
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address (if in DC, which ward you live in)
accessibility requirements:
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