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Please share your opinion about healthy lifestyle & receive MEAL PLANNING & GROCERY LIST TEMPLATES (two popular items in shop). These will help you live healthier 💙
What are your biggest frustrations related to living healthy, getting fit or losing weight? *
How have you searched for the solution for this on Google or YouTube? What keywords or phrases did you use? *
Which books have you read on this topic?
Have you bought any courses on this topic? If so, which ones, how much were they and what were they missing? *
Who are your favourite people to follow that talk about this topic? *
What other investments have you made to try to solve this problem? I.e. books, workshops, therapists, conferences, home remedies *
How much do you think you've invested into trying to solve this problem up until now? *
What does life look like to you, when you are in shape? *
When you're 90, what do you hope people say about your life and how you impacted them?
What is the ONE thing you feel like you're missing about losing weight / getting in shape? *
Is there anything you're really struggling with about living healthy / losing weight / getting fit, that you haven't mentioned.
If you could wave a magic wand and create a program that delivered everything you need, what would it include? *
What would you be willing to invest for your dream program / how much would you pay for it? *
Fill in these blanks for me - I want to go from ________ to _______ so that ________. *
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