Flow365: Groundwater Level Monitoring
Please record your observations as suggested:
- Ideally observations are monthly and after a 12-24 hour period of low or no water pumping from monitoring well to reduce local influence of well pumping.
- Weekly during wet periods and up to one month after – depending on your monitoring point/creek reach attempt to collect data as often as possible during prolonged flow, i.e. winter rain and snow melt, monsoon season, or base flow due to connection with high groundwater levels. This will allow us to gauge aquifer response to precipitation events.
- Monthly first thing in the morning

Please be safe when making your observation.
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Depth in feet from recording height (please use tenths of a foot, not inches)
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If exact date/time is unknown please select most probable option. This is for understanding potential influence of any recent pumping on groundwater levels at monitoring well.
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