JooSoap EcoSoap Workshop*Xmas gifts 2018 Registration
Welcome to join our workshop and make some eco-soaps for Xmas gifts! Our last few workshops for public before season closed for 2018.

Join JooSoap Studio to make eco-soaps out of used cooking oil for household cleaning. Tested and tried technologies/experience from Taiwan since 1996!

In this hands-on workshop, you will learn how to make eco-soap and get acquainted with related environmental and health issues. The price includes all material and equipment for eco-soap making and packaging. We will source some used cooking oil from local restaurants in Helsinki, you are also welcome to bring your own used cooking oil from your kitchen.

Workshop Info
A. 15:00-17:00 Sunday, 7 October 2018
B. 18:00-20:00 Friday, 12 October 2018
C. 15:00-17:00 Sunday, 28 October 2018

*Additional workshops for private groups, companies are possible and warmly welcomed by email to

--Workshop Programme--
(20 min) Coffee/tea with warm-up discussions
(15 min) Introduction video
(40 min) Eco-Soap making
(20~ min) Q&A, packaging the soap, Coffee/tea

*Kids age below 12 years old are free of charge, but need to be supervised by their own parent(s).
*The workshop is mainly in English, but Finnish and Mandarin Chinese are also possible (please request while registering).
*Remember to bring some moulds and containers if want to bring your own Eco-Soap home.
*Bring your own scent and decoration if you have some preference

Price: €20/person, €15/student
The fee includes:
1. All material and equipment for ecosoap making and packaging.
2. Coffee or tea
3. Participants get 400g ready made Eco-Soaps (3-4 pcs) or 500g of ecosoap you will make during this workshop (need to wait for 2 months to use, just in time for Xmas).
5. Refilling 200 ml of eco liquid soap with your own container.

JooSoap Studio based in Helsinki aims to spread this “Eco-Soap movement” on an international scale with design strategies. It involves hands-on workshops, toolkits and local-global networking collaborations.

Workshop Location
JooSoap Studio, Helsinki
Veturitallinkuja 34,
Pasilan Vanhat Veturitallit, Building #G (Kääntöpöytä / Typpilaakso)
00520 Helsinki, Finland
Please follow this direction. Plenty of parking space at the site.
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