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Please fill out this form to apply to adopt an animal from UFHA. Make sure to also call your vet and give them permission to speak to UFHA in regards to your application.
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I understand that I will need to call my veterinary office and give permission for them to speak to a UFHA representative about this application. I understand that UFHA will call my veterinary office once, and if they do not have permission to speak with UFHA (so a veterinary reference cannot be obtained) my application will be denied. *
I understand that UFHA will be checking three (3) personal references, and that I will provide their contact information below on this application. I understand that UFHA will call each reference one time and if they do not answer or call back, UFHA will not call them again and the application will be denied. *
Applications are currently processed on Wednesdays and Thursdays as the needs of the animals allow. The processing of an application may take up to 7 business days. Do you understand? *
Processing applications takes a good deal of time, cost and effort. If your circumstances change (no longer interested in a UFHA animal, not financially ready to adopt, adopted elsewhere, etc), do you agree to notify UFHA of this change? *
Is there a specific animal you are interested in adopting? If so, please tell us their name(s).
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How long have you lived at your current address (years, months)? *
Do you have any plans to move in the next 6 months? *
If you RENT, please provide LANDLORD NAME and PHONE NUMBER.
Have you adopted from any other adoption agencies/shelters/rescues before? *
If YES, please list the name(s) of other rescues/shelters/agencies you have adopted from:
Who will be responsible for the animal? *
Please list all family members and child(ren)’s ages. *
Do other animals live in the home? *
If yes (other animals live in the home), please list the type of animal(s), their names, and their age(s).
We require personal reference checks before approving an application for adoption. Failure to provide names and contact information for 3 references will prevent UFHA from processing your application. UFHA will attempt to contact each reference one (1) time. If references do not answer or return UFHA's call, UFHA will not attempt contact again and the application will be denied. Do you understand? *
We will call each of your references one time. If they do not answer, we will leave a message and wait for them to return our call. Not hearing back from or being able to contact your references will result in a denied adoption application. Have you let your references know to expect a call from us? *
Please provide the name and phone number for PERSONAL REFERENCE #1 *
Please provide the name and phone number for PERSONAL REFERENCE #2 *
Please provide the name and phone number for PERSONAL REFERENCE #3 *
Please provide the name and contact information for your current vet. If you do not have a vet, state this. You must inform your vet that a UFHA representative will be calling and give your permission for them to speak to us. Failure to do so will prevent UFHA from being able to process your application. *
I have called my veterinary office and given them permission to speak with a UFHA representative about my application. **If this has not yet occurred, please call ASAP. Failure to do so will slow down the processing of your application!
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A rabies vaccine is required by law. We will not be able to process and approve your application if your current or previous pets in the home are or were not up to date on the rabies vaccine. Do you you understand? *
UFHA will make four (4) contact attempts for the processing of this application, one to your veterinarian and one to each of your three (3) personal references. If unable to make contact and messages are not returned, UFHA will not make repeat contact attempts and your application will be denied. Do you understand? *
As with humans, animals may have unknown diseases or viruses that the shelter is unaware of or that appear later in the animals life. The animals at the shelter come from various sources and although their health is monitored while at the shelter, there is always the possibility that an animal is incubating a disease without showing clinical signs. UFHA adheres to the veterinarian standard of vaccinations and tests for all cats and dogs adopted out at UFHA. The shelter cannot be held responsible for any unforeseeable sickness or death of an animal adopted from UFHA. Due to the risk to cats, UFHA asks that all cats adopted from UFHA be kept indoors. This will reduce their risk of illness disease, injury, or becoming prey to animals in the wild.Please read and sign below if you agree to UFHA policies.I (adoptee) agree to provide an appropriate cat carrier for transportation from UFHA Shelter to the final destination.I hereby give permission for this agency / foster caregiver to contact my veterinarian to verify spay/neuter, vaccination, and any other pertinent information they should want to request for the purpose of pre and post adoption approval. This shall include a period of one year after the adoption date in order to confirm that the adopted pet is receiving humane treatment and proper veterinary care. My signature affirms the above questions have been answered honestly and accurately in support of my desire to adopt a pet from your organization. I agree to return the pet to this organization in the future, if I am no longer to properly care for it. I understand that neither the adoption agency nor the foster caregiver nor any volunteer is responsible for any injuries I/we may incur during the adoption process. This agency also has the right to deny adoption at any time to anyone they deem unfit. I also understand that this organization / foster caregiver has the right to reclaim the pet at anytime, if, in their opinion, the pet is not being taken care of to the standards they feel are appropriate. i.e.: insufficient shelter, food, water, abuse, neglect, lack of vet care, etc. Please confirm you have read and agree to all of this information. *
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