Gunn PTSA Student Grants 2020-2021

Grants are available for up to $500 per request; larger amounts may be considered (remember to include tax and shipping charges in your grant request). Applications will be accepted until Friday, March 12, 2021. If funds remain available, applications may be reviewed on an on-going basis until they are used. Funds must be for projects in the current school year, and spent by May 28, 2021.

News Flash: applications will be accepted through Monday March 15th.

Grant Criteria:
- PTSA is looking to fund student-led projects that promote growth and learning opportunities.
- Projects or programs need to be open for all Gunn students to participate.
- Applications must include a Gunn staff advisor.
- Funds cannot be used as a pass-through to another group's events or non-profit's mission (e.g. Prom, donation to another non-profit) or for co-sponsorship without express permission from PTSA.
- Funds should not be used for personal items, like hoodies/shirts/meals, that exclusively benefit club or group members.
- Funds cannot be used to pay for membership, entry or competition fees.
- If you are applying on behalf of a Gunn club, the balance of your club's account will be taken into consideration.
- PTSA may ask grant recipients to report back on their experiences and outcomes.

Grants requests will be reviewed by a committee of five people, including two student officers from SEC, two members of PTSA's Executive Board, and the Student Activities Director. If the grant is approved, you will work with PTSA's Ways and Means VP to pay for the expenses. When possible, we encourage you to purchase from local businesses.

Questions: Please contact
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Number of students who will be served by this project/program: *
List items and cost estimate of each to be covered by this grant: *
Do you have other sources of funding? If yes, please explain: *
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