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MSET is highlighting examples of great teaching, leading, and learning happening around the state of Maryland. Each month a different theme is highlighted on Facebook and Twitter. We are asking MSET members to spotlight great things happening in their districts.

If your submission is selected, you will be featured on our website, Facebook page/group, on Twitter.

Self nominations are allowed as well as nominations by individuals in their school district.

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Thank you for nominating a high quality person for the MSET Digital Learning Showcase for the 2018-2019 academic year. Individuals will be highlighted in September, October, November, December, January, February, March, and April.

Individuals nominated will be kept throughout the course of the academic year. If a person is not selected, they are encouraged to reapply the following school year.
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The amount of talented educators in Maryland is beyond what anyone could imagine. Share with the MSET Professional Development Committee what sets your nominee apart from other educators. This section is a time to be a salesperson and sell your nominee. There is no need to be humble
Describe how your nominee exemplifies the use of technology in his/her classroom or school building to provide opportunities for students to learn beyond the traditional measures. *
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Program/Activity Development: Share about one technology based activity or program the nominee is instrumental in throughout their school or school community. *
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Share about the character of your nominee. How is he or she a "Game Changer" for students. *
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Share any links, blog posts, or electronic information that would help support your nominee's work.
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