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CMC Rules for Itikaf:
• CMC Rules for Itikaf:
• Must be 12 years of age or older males/females to be eligible to participate in Itikaf.
• No one other than registered individuals and nominated volunteers will be allowed in the designated area for Itikaf.
• Only one piece of luggage per person may be allowed.
• Please bring appropriate medication, emergency supplies and contact information of your doctor.
• For your well-being and for the well-being of others in itikaf, you may be asked to remove• yourself from itikaf if you have any infectious disease. Please do not attend if you have any sorts COVID symptoms such as coughing or fever.
• There will be no food and drinks allowed in main masjid area. Only water in securely capped bottles are allowed. No open cups or containers.
• Please bring your sleeping bag, pillow(s) and comforter set. CMC will not be providing one. No mattress will be allowed in the mosque or classrooms.
• Please be considerate and do not disturb others who wish to rest by being quiet. Please turn off the lights for those who would like to sleep after Fajr. Itikaf participants are not required to sleep, but must remain quiet.
• Please note that Itikaf is a personal and not a group endeavour. An individual’s need for quiet time will supersede a group’s need to talk or hold halaqah.
• Those listening to Quran recitation or lectures must use an ear-piece or head phones.
• All participants must keep the masjid area clean, including Itikaf area and bathroom facilities.
• Everyone is requested to respect other worshipers, regardless of age, and make extra effort to make the itikaf a good experience for all.
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