3D Printer Request
The 3D printer can be used for personal requests or school-related requests. The cost to print is based on the amount of plastic used to print the item. The cost per percent is $.65.

Come in the library to see the "H," red fox, the chess pieces, the money clip (see below), and the mascot that have been printed to have a good idea of how much the item will cost, how long the printing will take, and how durable the item will be.

Cube 3D Printer
The cost of the item is $.65 per % used to print the item.  Come to the library to view the "H" and the red fox.
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You should request the item to be ready two days before the due date.
You must come to the library and place a $1.50 deposit before we will print your item. When should we expect you to come by? *
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Money Clip
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