GTA Application for M.S. Students in CS@GSU
CS Graduate Director: Dr. Yingshu Li <>
Department Administrative Contact: Ms. Tammie Dudley <>

Please contact Dr. Ashwin Ashok <> ONLY if there are any issues with the form/submission. GTA and graduate student related questions must be directed to the department graduate director or department administrative contacts.
Email *
Panther ID *
First Name (provide your name exactly as in GSU records) *
Last Name (provide your name exactly as in GSU records) *
When did you start as a M.S. student at CS GSU? Semester Year (e.g. Fall 2019). Please do not shorten or abbreviate. *
Have you been a TA for any course at GSU before? If yes, then list the courses (e.g. CSc 3310 Fall 2019; Csc 4210 Spring 2020;). If no then type NO *
List the top 2 choices for the GRADUATE courses that you would like to TA. You can list a course only if you have taken it before. Also briefly describe why you fit. *
List the top 3 choices for the UG courses (at least one course must be at a different level) that you would like to TA. Also briefly describe why you fit. *
Please provide a Google drive/Dropbox link to access your: (i) resume/CV, and (ii) unofficial GSU transcript. If your grades are not yet available, then list them in your CV. (DO NOT USE SHAREPOINT as FACULTY HAVE ISSUES ACCESSING THE FILES SHARED FROM STUDENT ACCOUNTS) *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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