2019 Adoption Questionnaire
This form is to help Lady Dinah's find the right home for Cafe Cats, or cats abandoned at our cafe.

This form should also to help prospective adopters think through all the ways in which cat ownership may affect their lives. Every question is important, so please answer as much as you can.

All cats have different needs, so please don't let the questions deter you. Not all cats need a garden, some cats are wonderful with children or other cats etc. This form just helps us to make a perfect match for you.

Currently we are looking for a home for Carbonelle.

All your information is kept privately and will not be shared.

Hi I'm Carbonelle and I'm a goofball and a sweetheart
This first section is all about you and what you need!
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What are the qualities you're looking for in a new feline companion?
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Carbonelle wants you to know there are no wrong answers. We want to pair you up with the cat who is right for you. If she's not the one for you, that's ok! We'll contact you if your perfect cat companion crosses our path.
A little bit about your lifestyle, needs and situation. As Carbonelle says above, there are no wrong answers and it's not about judgement: all cats have different needs! Some cats don't need you at home very much, some do. Some are great with kids and other animals, some aren't.
Tell us a little bit about your home! Are you renting/owner, do you have a yard/balcony? Are they enclosed?
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If you're renting, please supply your landlord's preferred contact details so we can confirm they'll permit animals.
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What's your routine like? When do you work, do you go out often? What kind of lifestyle will your cat enjoy with you?
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Tell us about any pets you have in your home
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Are all your pets spayed/neutered/vaccinated? *
If you have cats, have they been tested for FIV and Feline Leukaemia? *
It's important to know if any animals in your household carry communicable diseases when you have multiple pets. Some conditions may not show visible symptoms!
Tell us about the people who live with you - flatmates, family members etc.
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Do you have any children under the age of 12? Tell us more about them, including their age and experience with animals
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Are you certain that all members of your household are not allergic to cats?
How will you manage the cat's care during holidays and away times?
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Carbonelle has a mad half hour from time to time and she loves to climb!
Has everyone in your household been consulted and agrees with your application?
It's always hard to say goodbye, so here is a brief summary of things we want you to share and discuss about looking after our beloved family member.
Who will be the primary caregiver?
Your answer
Are you aware of, and agree to our requirement that Carbonelle can not leave our care until her new owner has set up a Pet Insurance policy for her? This will ensure she will be able to get the care she needs if something happens to her.
Accidents can happen, so it's important to prepare for the future, right, Carbs?
Are you prepared to spend the ~£50 cost per year to ensure Carbonelle has her vaccination booster shots?
Are you prepared to play and cuddle with Carbonelle every day? She needs a lot of human attention after her life as a cafe celebrity. Attention is very important to her.
Take that, fluffy ball!
Are you aware of the average life-span of a cat (up to 20 years) and are you prepared to give Carbonelle a home for the rest of her life?
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Free Text - write anything you want us to know here!
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aaaand relax.... That's all the information we need for now. We may not be in touch with you immediately, as we take time to screen every response carefully. Our adoption process is very slow and steady, so it may take a little while, but we want you & Carbonelle to be as happy as possible!
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