2021-22 TRANSFER Application Form BAU School of Medicine
Thank you for applying to transfer to the BAU School of Medicine.


Please follow the following instructions carefully to ensure that your application is valid.

1. Read the important dates and deadlines below carefully. (Applications begin 1 August 2021; Deadline: August 15, 2021)


1-15 August 2021 – Application period. Applications close 15 August 2021/1pm Istanbul local time.
4,6,9,11,13,16 August 2021 - Proficiency Test dates (can only be taken once and if documents complete)
16 August 2021 – Last Proficiency exam. Results announced same day
17 August 2021 – Applications evaluated by Faculty Committee
18 August 2021 – Students notified of results via email or through the application system if Turkish citizen.
19-23 August 2021 – Registration period for accepted transfer students
Class start dates: Check academic calendar on university main page for each year of medical school as different years may start on different dates.

2. Read carefully and fill in the Official Transfer PETITION document (http://bit.do/baumedtransferpetition2020); print, sign and scan the completed page.

3. Fill in this Form, Click Submit.

4. Obtain the required documents and ‘Save As’ to your computer by naming them properly; e.g. Transfer Petition, Full University Transcript, Detailed Course Description, Passport, Current University ID, Disciplinary Status Document, Student Document (or Postponement Document), High School Diploma and Translation, Test Score Report, etc.

5. Email your documents:
----------- Send ALL documents in ONE single email to these email addresses at once: meltem.bilikmen@med.bau.edu.tr; burak.cabuk@med.bau.edu.tr; yonca.elicabuk@med.bau.edu.tr.
----------- In the Subject Line of your email write: TRANSFER APPLICATION (NAME SURNAME)
----------- If document size is too large for a single email, upload to www.wetransfer.com and email link to the three addresses given above.
---------- Expect a response within two workdays stating “We have received your email.” If you don’t get this response, your email may not have been received. Call the number above.
---------- If your school does not give you detailed course descriptions, upload a document with the link to the webpage containing course descriptions written on it.

More information is available regarding tuition, program details, etc. on the BAU Medical School website, date related details are on the Academic Calendar on the BAU main page, and a Sample BAU English Proficiency Test is available on the English Preparatory School website. (STUDENTS WHO WENT TO AN ENGLISH MEDIUM UNIVERSITY FOR AT LEAST TWO SEMESTERS DO NOT NEED TO TAKE THE BAU PROFICIENCY. THEY ONLY NEED TO SHOW THAT THEIR PROGRAM WAS TAUGHT IN ENGLISH)

You may contact the medical school or student affairs for any questions or if you need help.

Good luck!
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