Application - Project AMPLIFI's Women-focused Musicians' Residency for Winter 2017 ~ DUE May 31, 2017
Our Winter 2017 Residency will focus on serving women musicians. Bands that are led by or made up of a majority of women are encouraged to apply. Applicants will be evaluated based on the completeness, creativity, and quality of their responses.
Band Name *
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Number of members in the band, and number of members who are women? *
Number of Facebook likes? *
Provide complete link to Facebook page. *
Provide links to website, videos or any other media we should see. *
Where do you live? *
When did you begin performing to public audiences? *
How many albums have you recorded? *
How many songs have you published? *
Describe one of the most inspiring moments of your career as a band. *
What are the top three challenges you face as a band? *
Why would you like to participate in the Musicians' Residency? *
What is your goal for the Musicians' Residency? *
Have you applied for the Musicians' Residency in the past? *
Please give any information about a concept, issue, or idea that you would like to explore in your time at the Musicians' Residency. You are welcome to answer this question and #11 with a video or through other creative medium. *
Are you interested in or active on social causes -- e.g. environment, social justice, poverty, education, etc.? If so, how are you engaged? *
Can you commit to participate in all activities of the Musicians' Residency during a 5 day period (Wednesday evening to Sunday mid-day on a week to be selected in cooperation with the chosen artists)? *
Please rank what activities and professional talks you would be most interested in during the residency.
Time to write and practice music. *
Physical outdoor activities such as hikes and beach walks. *
Session on mind-body awareness techniques such as yoga, qi-gong, and meditation.
Clear selection
Session on dealing with stress and/or drug and alcohol use.
Clear selection
Presentation on current trends in music distribution and monetization. *
Presentation on finding and hiring management, booking agents, or other business capacity. *
Presentation on legal issues in the music industry, including contract negotiation, licensing, publishing and syncs. *
What other activities or presentations would you like to see?
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