Application - Project AMPLIFI's Women-focused Musicians' Residency for Winter 2017 ~ DUE May 31, 2017
Our Winter 2017 Residency will focus on serving women musicians. Bands that are led by or made up of a majority of women are encouraged to apply. Applicants will be evaluated based on the completeness, creativity, and quality of their responses.
Band Name
Contact Person
Contact Email
Number of members in the band, and number of members who are women?
Number of Facebook likes?
Provide complete link to Facebook page.
Provide links to website, videos or any other media we should see.
Where do you live?
When did you begin performing to public audiences?
How many albums have you recorded?
How many songs have you published?
Describe one of the most inspiring moments of your career as a band.
What are the top three challenges you face as a band?
Why would you like to participate in the Musicians' Residency?
What is your goal for the Musicians' Residency?
Have you applied for the Musicians' Residency in the past?
Please give any information about a concept, issue, or idea that you would like to explore in your time at the Musicians' Residency. You are welcome to answer this question and #11 with a video or through other creative medium.
Are you interested in or active on social causes -- e.g. environment, social justice, poverty, education, etc.? If so, how are you engaged?
Can you commit to participate in all activities of the Musicians' Residency during a 5 day period (Wednesday evening to Sunday mid-day on a week to be selected in cooperation with the chosen artists)?
Please rank what activities and professional talks you would be most interested in during the residency.
Time to write and practice music.
Physical outdoor activities such as hikes and beach walks.
Session on mind-body awareness techniques such as yoga, qi-gong, and meditation.
Session on dealing with stress and/or drug and alcohol use.
Presentation on current trends in music distribution and monetization.
Presentation on finding and hiring management, booking agents, or other business capacity.
Presentation on legal issues in the music industry, including contract negotiation, licensing, publishing and syncs.
What other activities or presentations would you like to see?
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