Co-Parenting Handbook
Narcissists are chameleons. In public they are kind, caring, supportive and simply wonderful. Everyone loves them. They may even hold positions of power and have a lot of respect.

But behind closed doors they are a completely different person. Controlling, manipulative, bullying and abusive.

They seem to ruin lives for fun.

And as parents they have more influence and power.

They use their children to further their own lives whether it be pushing their child to extremes in order for them to stand out which strokes the narcissists ego, or to use as weapons to maintain control over someone. And so much in-between.

But the abuse goes unnoticed and is often dismissed because to the outside world, the narcissist is perfect. They lie and manipulate everyone around them to ensure they maintain this facade. And professionals don’t look past the mask. They too believe the lies and so children and adults are left helpless in the clutches of this abuser. You see a narcissist abuser is so dangerous because they have built their whole life around this image of themselves which they play out to the world. Perfect wife/husband, parent and employer. Anything that threatens this illusion is at risk of being punished or discarded. And this can mean violence and even death.

I therefore wrote this handbook to help you through the process of co-parenting with a narcissist to try and make it a little easier for you and for professionals to see what is really going on behind the facade.

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