We the People / Hack for Democracy
#DemocracyHack / A hackathon for fairness, equality & openness
April 21- 22, 2017 (TBD) / MIT Campus (TBD)

THE HACK / MIT GOV/LAB is organizing *We the People, Hack for Democracy* to demonstrate MIT’s deep commitment to core American (and human) values of fairness, equality, and openness. In this two day hackathon, creative and compassionate students from across MIT and the Boston area will come together to tackle the immediate challenges U.S. organizations are now facing to safeguard these values.

THE GOAL / We will bring together students with diverse backgrounds (computer science, engineering, political science, business, communications) and skills (coding, graphic design, storytelling) to unite around a common goal to promote fairness, openness, and equality.

GET INVOLVED /MIT GOV/LAB is looking for departments, labs, and student groups to co-sponsor Hack For Democracy. Partner with us and pledge your support!

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