#CurriculumCoding Post-Workshop Survey
Thank you for attending the #CurriculumCoding Workshop.
The workshop leader was well prepared
Not prepared at all
The workshop leader was excellently prepared
The workshop leader was knowledgeable about the topic.
No knowledge
Workshop leader was extremely knowledgeable
The design of the workshop allowed me to learn about coding.
I came away satisfied from the workshop.
I feel more comfortable with coding.
I feel more comfortable with integrating coding into the curriculum
Rank your integration of technology in to the classroom.
I don't use it.
I use it routinely to enhance the learning experience.
Rank your knowledge of Coding
I know nothing.
I easily understand at least one Coding language.
If you took the workshop for graduate credit, are in interested in a Google Hangout in two weeks to discuss your units, successes/failures and answer questions.
If you answered yes to the above questions, what dates and times work best for you?
In a word or sentence, describe what you think of when you hear the word coding.
Your answer
What questions do you still have about the workshop?
Your answer
Do you have any other comments?
Your answer
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