The Center for Public Integrity: Hidden Epidemics Health Professionals Survey
The Center for Public Integrity, a nonprofit, nonpartisan journalism organization, is examining the threats that research says climate change poses for Americans' health today and in the future. Our newsroom wants to hear from health professionals who have firsthand experiences with tick- and mosquito-borne diseases, such as Lyme disease, anaplasmosis, babesiosis, West Nile Virus, Zika Virus and dengue fever, to help us understand the expansion and impact of these illnesses across the U.S. We would also like to hear how health departments, public health organizations and care providers are preparing for and responding to these tick- and mosquito-related illnesses.

We will never share your personal information in a story without your permission, but instead aim to aggregate the survey responses to try to quantify the human costs of these illnesses. Your contribution to this project is sincerely appreciated and incredibly important for us to understand and humanize climate change's effect on health.

Thank you!

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