An Open Letter to The Pacific Northwest Annual Conference
Siblings in Christ,

We come to Annual Conference this year filled with many emotions. On the heels of the 2019 Special Called Session of General Conference, many of us are left wondering: what is happening to our Church? And yet, we are reminded that we are an Easter People. It is time we live into this truth.

General Conference was a crucifixion of The United Methodist Church as we knew it, and as such, it has been painful and has caused harm. It released anger, fear, and confusion and put on full display divisions that have been with us for years. It called into question our ways of being the Church, shining a light on the structures and rules that restrict us from being the beloved community Christ invites us to.

This is not really news, though. Not to those who experience the alienation of oppression; our siblings of color, our LGBTQIA+ siblings, our immigrant siblings, our siblings who work paycheck to paycheck, and our siblings overlooked because of a disability; all these and more have been telling us for years that our system is broken, that the governing structures we have adopted have simply replicated those that perpetuate the world’s injustices.

And yet here we are, gathered together for holy conferencing, where Robert’s Rules of Order dictate our governing rather than the deeply relational and compassionate example of Jesus. Friends, we know that this system has not been serving us well. We knew this before General Conference in February. It is time to find new models for conferencing and decision making that lead us toward embodying the beloved community, the body of Christ.

Instead of living in the past, we believe that we are called to step boldly into the future. The challenges of our ministry context in the Pacific Northwest, where religiosity is no safe assumption, have helped us to understand that vital ministry requires us to cross over from unconscious bias to joyful inclusion; from assumptions about others to relational conversations with them.

This is not a time to be codifying our biases into church law. It is the time for each of us to take a hard look at the biases we carry with us daily; to learn to see them for what they are and to begin the hard work of unlearning them. It is the time for us to look at our Church and see how these biases are embedded in all we do.

Therefore, we will not and cannot change who we are as the Pacific Northwest Conference in the way General Conference demands us to change. It is in conflict with everything we are learning from the mission field that God has placed us in. In its attempt to recast The United Methodist Church in a restrictive and punitive mold, General Conference showed us just how much we MUST change to broaden our stance and actions around inclusion. We MUST change to be the unconditionally loving, joyfully inclusive, church of Jesus in the world.

Thus, in this liminal space before Easter morning comes for The United Methodist Church, we sit with our broken systems and tired ways of doing business together. In the hope and promise of the resurrection, we submit the following resolutions to the Body (to be reworded slightly as legislation):

• We COMMISSION the development of new ways of governing and decision-making, that makes meaningful space at the table, engaging the stories, joys and sorrows, and leadership gifts of lay and clergy persons on the margins, including, but not limited to people of color, LGBTQIA+ people, people with disabilities, youth and young adults, and people experiencing economic insecurity.

• We, the lay and clergy members of the Pacific Northwest Annual Conference, RECEIVE, publicly AFFIRM, and COMMIT to live into the statements of the PNW Board of Ordained Ministry, the Western Jurisdiction’s Leadership Team, and Mission Cabinet, as we seek to become a truly inclusive Church.
-- We IMPLORE the PNW Board of Ordained Ministry, the Appointive Cabinet, and our Episcopal leadership to stand boldly in the values named in these statements, resisting discriminatory restrictions and punitive measures in conflict with them, even for those restrictions and punishments now found constitutional by the Judicial Council.

• We CALL the Western Jurisdiction Leadership to continue dialogue with our United Methodist siblings across the connection for as long as our conference values of inclusion can be maintained.
-- In this work we RESOLVE that the Pacific Northwest Annual Conference will listen to and further the work of gatherings like UMForward and come alongside those most impacted by our oppressive systems, as we consider new ways forward for the church.

• We COMMISSION an inclusive group to boldly plan for the future, including the exploration of possible futures outside the current denomination., drawing on expertise as needed from outside our area and denomination, with equal representation of lay and clergy.
-- And further, we request that the Director of Connectional Ministries convene this inclusive group for an initial meeting by October 1st, 2019.

• We RESOLVE that no conference resources or monies (either directly through payments or indirectly through the time of employees of the conference or its members) shall be expended for the purpose of investigations, complaints, just resolutions, or trials pertaining to LGBTQIA+ ordination and marriage.

We, the undersigned lay and clergy persons of the Pacific Northwest Annual Conference, humbly submit this statement and these petitions to the 2019 Pacific Northwest Annual Conference Session for their discernment and perfection. We do so even as we yearn for a better way of relating one to each other, seeking in hope to be in life-giving mission and ministry together.

Skylar Bihl, First UMC of Olympia
Marie Kuch-Stanovsky, Ballard: Trinity UMC
Patrick Scriven, Puyallup UMC
Rhondalei Gabuat, Beacon UMC
Rev. Mary Huycke, Seven River District
Rev. Jen Stuart, Ellensburg UMC
Tom Richardson, Moscow First UMC
Rev. Austin L. Adkinson, Seattle: Haller Lake UMC
Rev. Jeremy Smith, First Church, Seattle
Rev. Peter K. Perry, Olympia First UMC
Rev. DJ del Rosario, Federal Way
Rev. Daniel Miranda, Auburn First UMC
Rev. Ruth Marston-Bihl, Olympia First UMC
Rev. Lara Bolger, Redmond UMC
Rev. Deborah Sperry, Moscow First UMC
Rev. Cindy Roberts, Bainbridge Island:Seabold UMC
Rev. Meredith Gudger-Raines, Ridgefield UMC
Rev. Nico Romeijn-Stout, Sand Point Community UMC
Rev. Kay C Barckley, Seattle: University Temple UMC
Rev. Richenda Fairhurst, PNW Annual Conference
Rev. Geoff Helton, Spokane: Audubon Park UMC
Nancy Speer, Wallingford UMC, Seattle
Alexa Eisenbarth, Kennewick First UMC
Cottie Hood, Lewiston First UMC
Rev. Jan Bolerjack, Riverton Park UMC
Rev. Kevin Hudson, Extension Ministry - Chaplain, USAF
Rev. Cody Natland, Spokane: Moran UMC
Dana Lede, Mason UMC
Rachel Fitzgerald, Mason UMC
Rev. Willie Deuel, Green Lake / Woodland Park UMCs
Rev. Cara Scriven, Puyallup UMC
Rev. Terri Stewart, Youth Chaplaincy Coalition / Church Council of Greater Seattle
Rev. Jenny Smith, Marysville UMC
Rev. Lisa Talbott, Homer UMC, Alaska Conference (PNW Elder)
Rev. Ann Berney, Seattle: Wallingford UMC
Courtney Pazan, Bothell UMC
Ian Patrick McKnight, Gig Harbor UMC
Rev. Paul Mitchell, Vashon Island UMC
Rev. Phil Antilla, Bellevue First
Rev. Carol Mariano, Mercer Island UMC
Carol Waymack, Seattle: Woodland Park UMC
Barbara Vining, Longview UMC
Dodie Haight, Vancouver Heights UMC
Deaconess Alethea McGavran, Prosser UMC
Chuck Haight, Vancouver Heights UMC
Dirk Robinson, Selah UMC
Janet Grace Thomas, Seattle First UMC
Charlene Davenport, Puyallup UMC
Tara MillerBerry, Seattle: Trinity UMC
Rev. Dr. Joanne Carlson Brown, Des Moines UMC
Rev. Karen Yokota Love, Tacoma: Mason UMC
Thomas Dean Brown, Ridgefield UMC
Jeff Waymack, Woodland Park UMC
Andy Lang, Puyallup UMC
Ruth Tervol , Puyallup UMC
Marcia Campbell, Des Moines UMC
Lynn Magnuson, Gig Harbor UMC
Amory Peck, Bellingham: Garden Street UMC
Jim Baum, Lake Chelan UMC
Karrie Zylstra Myton, Puyallup UMC
Rev. Dave Wright, University of Puget Sound
Sylvia Wilson, Puyallup UMC
Rick Crozier, Puyallup UMC
Pastor Kathryn Garnett, Hoquiam UMC
Rev. Katie Klosterman, Browns Point UMC
Leona Weltzer, Puyallup UMC
Rev. Dr. Jo Ann Schaadt Shipley, Vancouver Heights UMC
Jon Olson, Woodland Park UMC
Nancy Goodloe, Ellensburg UMC
Rev. Molly Fraser, Gig Harbor UMC
Bill Eagen, Sand Point Community UMC
Rev. Katy Shedlock, Audubon Park Multisite
Rev. Dr. Dennis Magnuson, Gig Harbor
Cole Peterson, Audubon Park UMC
Cynthia (Cindy) Davenport Johnson, Olympia First UMC
Clare Elizabeth, Des Moines UMC
Diane Brewer Collier, Des Moines UMC
Evangeline Rand, Oroville UMC
Rev. Shirley DeLarme, Port Orchard UMC
Rev. Nancy Kay Yount, First UMC of Olympia
Brad Shantz, Bothell UMC
Rev. Zachary Taylor, Haven Fellowship
Mary Orange, Vancouver Heights UMC
Karen Fisher, Lake Chelan UMC
Christina Chi Cornell, Bothell UMC
Rev. Jo Dene Romeijn-Stout: Sunrise UMC, Federal Way
Nancy Tam Davis, United Church in University Place
Rev. Sharon Moe, First UMC of Tacoma
Kathryn Olson, Woodland Park UMC
Linda Hay, Goldendale UMC
Rev. Dr. Mary Petrina Boyd, Langley UMC
Jan Shannon, Cheney UMC
Daniel R McLachlan, Faith UMC, Issaquah
Rev Jan Bolerjack, Riverton Park UMC
Karen Eisenbrey, University Temple UMC
Stephanie Henry, Ronald UMC
Rev Juli Reinholz, Pioneer UMC
Jim Stoffer, Trinity UMC, Sequim, WA
Rev. Alissa Bertsch, Cheney UMC
Julia Frisbie, UMC of Anacortes
Rev. Mark McMurray, Spokane: Manito UMC
Rev. Gregg Sealey, Inland Missional District
DiAnne Harrington, Camas UMC
Carol Pederson, Ellensburg UMC
Rev. Melinda E. Holloway, Olympia First UMC
Amanda Hutchinson, Stevenson UMC
Rev. Heather Riggs, Oak Grove
Teri Tobey, Gig Harbor UMC
Rosalee Mohney, Spokane Valley UMC
Rev. Kelly Dahlman-Oeth, Shoreline: Ronald UMC
Bonnie Taylor, Kennewick First UMC
Rev. Sandy Brown, Edmonds UMC
Elaine Marston, Puyallup UMC
Larry L Fox, Langley UMC
Michael Collier, former CLM
Joyce Houser-Ferkovich, University Temple UMC
Rudilyn "Lyn" Rush, Pinoy Van-Port Ministries
Rev. Janelle Kurtz, Snohomish UMC
Rev. Cheryl A Wuensch, UMC at Lakewood
Jill Poleskie, Puyallup UMC
Cheryl Forbes, Des Moines UMC
Rev. Jesse Farias, Milton UMC
Meghan Green, Ridgefield UMC
Rev. Carol E. Johnson, Olympia First UMC
Rev. Michele Campton-Stehr, Renton First UMC
Rev. Dale L. Cockrum, Audubon Park UMC, Spokane
Catherine Bennett, First UMC of Olympia
Ellen Johanson, Tibbetts UMC
Tom Osborne, Sumner UMC
Rev. Dr. Darryn Hewson, Fall City UMC
Jane McGrath, Lake Washington UMC
Catherine Lyle, Manito UMC
Rev. Karla Fredericksen, Chehalis UMC
Sharon Richards-Chriest, Bothell UMC
Rev. Melvin R Woodworth, Bryn Mawr UMC
Tom Yeager, Woodland Park UMC
Rev. Terry B. Hall, Mount Vernon First UMC
Jen Livingood, Browns Point UMC
Elizabeth Fontanilla, Olympia First UMC
Tiffany Castro, Olympia First UMC
Darlene Pollard, First UMC, Bellevue
Laurie Edwards, First UMC, Bellevue
Rev. Leah Mikel Wells, First UMC of Olympia
Julie Salvi, First UMC of Olympia
Randi Moe, First UMC of Olympia
Chris Ray, Browns Point UMC
Lisa D Blum, United Church of Ferndale
Jim Christensen, Puyallup UMC
Rev. Melinda Giese, Summit UMC
Gwynette Vollmer, Vancouver FUMC
Brad Anderson, Faith UMC, Sammamish, WA
Anne Lewis, Woodland Park Church
Lynne E. Whelan, Ellensburg UMC
Stell Wallace, Ellensburg FUMC
Kerry M Smith, First UMC of Olympia
Martha Curwen, First UMC of Tacoma
Constance Swank, Browns Point UMC
Marcy LaViollette, First UMC of Olympia
Ronda Cordill, Cheney UMC
Laverne Will, Bothell UMC
Rebecca Reese, Bellevue FUMC
Christopher Knight, First UMC of Olympia
Patti Hong, Faith UMC
Dale A Smith, First UMC of Olympia
Laura E Edwards, Browns Point UMC
Jay Kitchin, Vancouver: Orchards UMC
Marcia Bennett-Reinert, Snoqualmie UMC
Sharon Bryson Morrow, First UMC of Olympia
Noriko Lao, Lynden UMC
Rev. Mark P. Johnson, Allen UMC
Larry Lowther, Ellensburg FUMC
Ginger Jensen, Ellensburg FUMC
Rebecca Haley, Moscow First UMC
Nancy Ann Rasmussen, Faith UMC, Issaquah
Kristin Schrantz, United Church in University Place
Daniel Haley, First UMC of Moscow, ID
Connie Bahner, First UMC of Olympia
Rev. Ruth Gray, Retired Elder PNC, Living in Indiana, Charge: Vancouver First UMC
Nancy Gudger Raiha, First UMC of Olympia
Joseph Douglas Soel, Olympia First United Methodist Church
Rev. Dorothy Riegel Backlund, Manito UMC, Spokane
Delwin D Fandrich, Olympia First UMC
Barbara Kalis, Bellevue First UMC
Dr. Mark Chapin, Community UMC
David Alan Reinholz, Walla Walla Pioneer UMC
Marilyn LaViollette, Olympia First UMC
Carol Malcom, Des Moines UMC
Angelina Goldwell, PNW Associate Conference Lay Leader, First UMC: Olympia
Linda Howell, Walla Walla: Pioneer UMC
Myra Barker, First UMC of Olympia
Gail Hesselholt, Olympia First UMC
Bonita Kennedy , Ellensburg UMC
Marsha Aufenkamp, Seven Rivers UMW President, Omak UMC
Rev. Keith Hackett, Stevenson UMC
Joan Hackett, Salmon Creek UMC
Rev Denise Westfall-Neuschwander, Ocean Park UMC
Ellen Barber Walworth, Federal Way UMC
Judy Dirks, Bonners Ferry UMC
Rev. Robert Calkins, First UMC of Olympia
Nancy Huereña, Vancouver Heights UMC
John R Schneider, Omak/Conconully UMCs
Rev. Julia M. Price, East Wenatchee: Trinity UMC
Rev. Tanya M. Spaur Pile, Marysville UMC
Michael Carpenter, First UMC of Olympia
Margaret E. Luther, Trinity UMC, Port Townsend
Colin Cushman, Central (Sedro-Woolley) and Bay View UMCs
Rosanna Yates-Bailey, Port Angeles First UMC
Barbara Linsert, Puyallup UMC
Rev. Joyce O’Connor Magee, Goldendale UMC
Kathryn Rau, Ellensburg UMC
Carol Fillman, Pioneer UMC, Walla Walla
Joe Fillman, Pioneer UMC, Walla Walla
Donna M. McDonnell, Puyallup UMC
Elizabeth Tompkins, Pioneer UMC, Walla Walla
Jill Berg Kennewick First UMC
Rev.Sandy Ward, Tumwater UMC
Cheryl Reagan, Cheney UMC
The Rev. Dr. Beryl A. Ingram, ret., FUMC Bellevue
Re. Pam Osborne, Sumner UMC
Rev. Kathryn A. Morse, Kennydale UMC, Renton
Sandy Shinbo, Federal Way UMC
Nancy Kuch, Renton First UMC
Betty Warner, Puyallup UMC
Kathy Skipper-Whelan, Puyallup UMC
Rev. Marta Schellberg retired, PNW Elder
Linda Henry, Puyallup UMC
Mary Lynn Arter, Kennewick First UMC
Cordelia Koelsch, Ellensburg First UMC
Velma Woods, First UMC of Olympia
Rev. David Tinney, Retired Van. First UMC, Ridgefield UMC
Rev. Dr. Denise McGuiness, Wenatchee First UMC
Crystal Natland, Moran UMC
(Rev.) Micah Coleman Campbell, PNW Prov. Elder serving in NYAC
Carol McFadyen, Pioneer UMC, Walla Walla
Richard D. Horton, Garden Street UMC, Bellingham, WA
Sharon Hurst-Armes, Chehalis UMC
Mary Stanton-Nurse, Trinity UMC, Seattle
Dr. Jennifer Snapp, Ridgefield UMC
Laura Matthews, Puyallup UMC
Rev Cathlynn Law, United Church in University Place
Rev. Katie M Ladd, The Well/Queen Anne UMC
Yvonne Gowell, East Wenatchee: Trinity UMC
Holli Williams, Kennewick First UMC
Karen Perry, First UMC, Olympia
Rev. Dr. Susan E. Ostrom, Mill Plain United Methodist Church
Timothy Kelly, Orchards United Methodist Church
Lyda Barr, Valley and Mountain
Peter Jabin, Diaconal Minister, First Church Seattle
Bruce Hall, First UMC Seattle
Lynne Haley, Moscow First UMC
Charles Kim, First Church Seattle
Susan Appleton, Faith UMC
Debra Loacker, First Church Seattle
Church Council, First Church Seattle
David Charcas, Seattle First UMC
Joyce Frost, First Church Seattle
Elise Anderson, First UMC of Olympia
Mrs. Ellen Prior, Kent UMC
Kristi Thien, Kennewick First UMC
Ava Stuart, Ellensburg First UMC
Anita Jinks, Vancouver FUMC
Jim Woods, First UMC of Olympia
Dr. William Waring, First Church, Seattle
Charles Wheeler, First Church, Seattle
Martha S. Oman, First UMC of Seattle
Gabriel Malcolm, Bremerton UMC
Jacob Sullenszino, First Church, Seattle
Mike Conklin, Rockford UMC
Jeanne Markham, Tumwater UMC
Debra Warmington, United Methodist Church at Lakewood
Sherry L. Bowen, First UMC, Wenatchee, WA
Jerry D Roberson, First Church Seattle
Tracy Daugherty, Bear Creek UMC
Willa L Curtis, Vancouver FUMC
Zachary Wnek, Moscow FUMC
Katie Panhorst Harris, First Church Seattle
Jan Bennett, Faith UMC
Marc Brooks, First Church, Seattle
Elizabeth A Taylor, Bear Creek United Methodist Church
Rev. K. James Davis, United Church in University Place
Cyndy McBride, Bear Creek UMC, Woodinville
Terri Heavener, Redmond UMC
Amanda Nicol, Chaplain - VAPORHCS
Kelly Andrews, Battle Ground UMC
Julie Callen, Puyallup UMC
Kristine Griffin, Vancouver FUMC
Carrie Bland, Fairwood Community Renton
Cailin Trimble, Fairwood Community UMC
Tony May, First United Methodists Church of Olympia
Sara Wall, St. Andrew's UMC Lacey
Rev. Meredith Dodd, Bryn Mawr United Methodist Church
Jeri K Van Dyk, First UMC, Olympia
Maya Head-Corliss, Wallingford UMC, Seattle
Julleen Snyder, Fairwood Community UMC, Renton
Bob Giardina, Grace UMC in Vader, WA
Kellen Head-Corliss, Bellingham: Garden Street UMC
John W Adams, Puyallup UMC
Ann Mayer, Federal Way UMC
Ja net' W. Crouse, Trinity UMC East Wenatchee
Prof. Robert Holzworth, University Temple UMC
Kirsten Yelin, University Temple UMC
David Charcas, Seattle First UMC
Sue Sugarbaker, First UMC of Olympia
Cora J Brown, Ridgefield UMC
Dick Blakney, University Temple UMC
Betty Blakney, University Temple UMC
Rev. Bonnie Chandler-Warren, First UMC of Olympia
Zach McGuckin, Riverview UMC
Rev. Ferdinand Llenado, Fairwood Community UMC
Anne Malone, Ridgefield UMC
Rev. Patricia Simpson, University Temple UMC, Seattle
Marilyn Dawson, Olympia First UMC
Joanne Flagel, Fairwood Community UMC
Rev. Kevin D. Dow, Selah UMC
Rev. Hal Perry, Valley and Mountain - Ravenna
Lynn Wanless, Goldendale UMC
Brian Wanless, Goldendale UMC
Stephen Russell, Olympia First UMC
Barbara Stout, Goldendale UMC
Kathryn Collier
Kathryn Bogue, First UMC Tacoma/Ritzville UMC
Shirley D. Cox, Puyallup UMC
Bruce Wollam, Goldendale UMC
Vicki Wollam, Goldendale UMC
Caryl Dowd, Puyallup UMC
Robert E Hallowell, Vashon UMC
Rev Stephen Tarr, Retired
Carol Workman, Sumner UMC
Mary Kohli, Puyallup UMC
Rev. Brad Beeman, Aldersgate UMC
Shonda Moon, Sumner UMC
Rev. Brian Wood (Retired, West Ohio), Federal Way UMC
Evelyn Simpson, Port Angeles First UMC
Dave Kacoroski, Puyallup UMC
William Bennett, Faith UMC, Issaquah
Bill Ready, Summer UMC
Carolyn Thompson, Federal Way UMC
Rev. Carolyn Peterson, Olympia First UMC
Rev. Nancy Ferree-Clark, Federal Way UMC
Betty Jo Junod, Federal Way UMC
Carla Corsilles-Roque, Ronald UMC
Reuben Roque, Ronald UMC
Cecille Corsilles-Sy, Beacon UMC
Monte Windsor, Puyallup UMC
Sharon Wisenburg, Federal Way UMC
Dave and Helen Andrews, Vashon Island UMC
Diane Windsor, Puyallup UMC
Mark Richardson, First UMC, Bellevue
Valerie Randall, Foothills UMC
Shirley Hirsch, First UMC, Bellevue
Scott Anderson, Edmonds UMC
Rev. Emma Donohew, Bellingham, WA
Diana Nielsen, Edmonds UMC
Rev. Paul Graves, Sandpoint, ID UMC
Robin Lagerquist, Hoquiam UMC
Jerry Flagel, Fairwood Community UMC
Pamela Dean, First UMC, Bellevue
Norma R. Whitacre, Hoquiam UMC
Annette M. Janzen, Federal Way UMC
Joseph R. Matsen, First UMC of Bellevue
Carol Harrison, Coupeville UMC
Judith Boone, Manito UMC
Rev. William Gordon, retired, Marysville UMC
Renee Pasich, Federal Way UMC
Patsy Sorenson, Coeur d'Alene, ID CUMC
Robin Ethridge, Bothell UMC
Tresje Seeley, Bear Creek UMC
Leslie Holle, Lake Washington UMC, Kirkland
Gaye Detzer, Vashon UMC
Rosemary Jones, United Church in University Place
Sue Magrath, Leavenworth Community UMC
Sue Hamilton-Flory, First UMC Vancouver
Lynne Pearson, Bothell UMC
Gail Elliott, Cornerstone UMC, Covington
Ariel Bender, Ellensburg First UMC
Sharon Stovall, Fowler UMC
Lynne R. Lew, Lake Washington UMC, Kirkland
Carolyn Moon, Lake Washington UMC
Ileeda Kay Denman, Federal Way UMC
Philip N. Jones, Jr., Lake Washington UMC, Kirkland, WA
Brook Candace Self, Bear Creek United Methodist Church
Rev Kendra Behn-Smith, White Salmon UMC
Lenore Bailey, First UMC Tacoma
Nora Hacker First UMC, Tacoma
Shannon (Gillespie) Brannon, Cornerstone UM Church
Meredith Radford, Lake Washington UMC
Rev. Neal Sharpe, Valley and Mountain, Ravenna
Ethan Hammer, Bear Creek UMC
Laura Lubash, Bothell UMC
Rev. Alvin E. Aosved, Bremerton UMC
Debbi Musser, Vancouver First UMC
Gordon Meyer, First UMC, Vancouver, WA
Victoria L. Allen, Goldendale UMC
Beth Garrett, Puyallup UMC
Brian Garrett, Puyallup UMC
Erik Heineman, Cornerstone UMC, Covington
Timothy D. Anderson, Kennewick First UMC
Chelsea Durban, Port Orchard UMC
Elise Miller, Hoquiam UMC
Crystal Goetz, Auburn First UMC
Suzan Fletcher, Omak UMC
Deanna Walth, FUMC, Tacoma, WA
Ms. Mary Carolyn Meyer, Vancouver First UMC
Lorraine Schwarm, First UMC of Bellevue
Marian Karpoff, University Temple UMC
Winona Forme, Trinity UMC East Wenatchee
JoAnn Charap, Trinity UMC East Wenatchee
Rev. Kathleen Weber, Crest to Coast District
East Wenatchee Trinity UMC Single Board, East Wenatchee Trinity UMC
Amy White, First Methodist, Kennewick, WA
Jerry D. White, Kennewick First UMC
Michelle Hare, Kennewick First UMC
Sharon Feucht, Renton First UMC
Crestina Marez, Tacoma First UMC
Steve Defolo, Trinity UMC of East Wenatchee

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