The use of sound and audio-visual material in academic research and its outputs
This survey is part of research being undertaken during The Academic Book of the Future - a two-year project funded by the AHRC in collaboration with the British Library. Please answer the following questions from your most recent experience of researching, and producing a research output (e.g. articles, chapter, database, thesis, etc), using audio-visual material.
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1. Why did you use audio-visual material as a resource for your research? *
2. How important was the audio-visual material to this piece of research on a scale of 1-10? (1=not very important, 10=essential) *
3. How was the audio-visual material incorporated within your research outcome? In text/print only? In a CD/DVD/CD-ROM? Using embed links to a website? *
4. How would you ideally have liked to present the audio-visual material within your research output? *
This is about what you personally would have liked, in an ideal world, to have done with the content within your research output. If institutional constraints, publishing limitations and technology were no barrier - how would you have liked the content to be incorporated?
The responses received will be analysed and help to form a discussion about the future of audio and visual content in academic books.
If you are happy to be contacted about taking part in workshops, seminars, or symposia, to discuss your work (in relation to the incorporation/use of audio and/or visual content) - please provide us with your name and email address
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