2019-20 Platte County Schools Employer Survey
In order to improve our Career and Technical Education Programs across PCSD #1, please give us employer feedback to use in our classes and with our students. If you have any questions or concerns, please call Tracy de Ryk, Perkins Grant Administrator, at 322-2075, extension 5031. Thanks for taking the time to do this!!!
Please rate how difficult it is to find qualified employees in your field. *
Do you require drug testing? *
Please mark where you have the most success in recruiting employees. *
Please mark all that apply
How important are the following employee attributes? *
Please mark all that apply.
Not Important
Loyalty to the Company
Good Work Ethic
Previous Training
What levels of education are needed for workers at your business?
Please mark all that apply.
High School Diploma
Community College  Tech Certifications
Associates Degree/Vocational Training
Bachelors Degree
Advanced Degree
Do you prefer a high school diploma over a GED? *
What training would be most helpful to your business when preparing students for jobs after coming out of high school?
Please mark all that apply.
Software/Computer Training
CAD/Drafting Training
Computer Graphics/Design
Culinary Arts/Food Safety Training
Carpentry/Building Trades
Customer Service Training
Accounting/Bookkeeping Training
Proficient Level of Mathematics
Proficient Level of Reading/Writing
In your opinion, what would be the most beneficial training schools could offer to better prepare students for work? *
Do you require specific training and understanding of equipment for your employees? If so, please name the equipment and/or training. *
What employability shortcoming(s) do you see with students coming out of high school? *
What employability strength(s) do you see with students coming out of high school? *
Would you be willing to hire a student as a part of their work experience program? *
Would you be willing to be a guest speaker in our classes? If so, please provide us with your contact information.
Optional -- Please share the name of your business, if you wish.
Thank you for completing our survey!
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