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One of the paradoxes of self-determination processes is that nationalist movements and central governments share a 19th century vision of nationalism and statehood in which sovereignty is "unitary" rather than shared. When put in simple terms, a unitary sovereign logic prevails and this is precisely what puts them on a collision course. However, in an age when the functions of the state are arguably waning or are being profoundly transformed by authority "re-scaling" in the European Union, it is urgent to discuss and further clarify how the latter could offer the most appropriate template for meeting the aspirations of stateless nations.

Over the years, the EU has played an important transformative role in the relationship between regions and central states. However, this role could be improved. The purpose of this international conference is to promote the debate around 4 major challenges posed to stateless nations in order to devise a European approach to self-determination demands in a context of shared sovereignty. By engaging academics and practitioners in a multi-disciplinary dialogue, this international conference aims to advance a paradigmatic change and to develop innovative concepts that may inform the way in which such demands can be managed within the EU. The conference will be divided in 4 panels with distinctive, though complementary goals. The overarching aim of this conference is to build upon existing paradigms in a bold and creative fashion and to offer concrete, workable proposals that may inform the resolution of the current predicament.

Location: Brussels, Belgium (venue to be defined shortly)

Date: 18th and 19th of September 2019

Organiser: Coppieters Foundation

Scientific Coordination: Sandrina Antunes (University of Minho, Portugal) and Simon Toubeau (University of Nottingham, United Kingdom)

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