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Do you or your group have something to announce to the community at First Unitarian? Please fill out this form to help us keep announcements looking pretty! If you have questions, please feel free to email Communications and Membership Director.

For inclusion in the current week's E-Beacon and Order of Service announcements insert, announcements must be received by 12pm on Tuesday.

A few notes about announcements:

1. In general, our E-Beacon and Order of Service are for First Unitarian Church-related activity announcements. While it is wonderful that our congregants have many varied interests and engagements outside of church, we will keep our communications focused on activities that concern all-church activities and our various ministry teams.

2. Please do take some time to craft a catchy and concise announcement! In general, use a direct voice and try to be less wordy. For example:

An OK announcement: After service, all congregants are invited to a discussion regarding the construction of our interdimensional transporter. Time will be taken to evaluate the current progress, and there will be presentations made by members who are heading up the research and development. Afterwards, participants will be invited to try out last year's prototype.

A better announcement: Do you love interdimensional travel? Are you excited we are building one here? Join our amazing research and development team after service today for a progress report and to try out last year's prototype!

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