Bully Report Form
Hello HIA! It is our goal to ensure the safety of all of our members, including putting a stop to any bullying that may be occurring between employees.

If you have yet to read the HIA Code of Conduct, please do so here: http://www.habbohia.com/code-of-conduct.html

You may also refer to the Bully Policy here: http://www.habbohia.com/bully-policy.html

Please note that these reports will remain CONFIDENTAL within the 1iC, Directorate, and Foundation ranks and will not be discussed or spread outside of our ranks.
If you feel it necessary to report a 1iC or Directorate for bullying, please approach a member of Foundation.

The 1iC Team is dedicated to keeping you safe - and will be reviewing your reports promptly and handling them!

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