GTBP Movie Lover Survey
GET THE BIG PICTURE advances media literacy and inspires youth and local communities to examine the narrative of their lives through movies. Fill out the Movie Lover Survey and tell us how we can work together!
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1. What is your profession?
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2. How old are you?
3. How often do you watch movies?
4. How do you watch movies? Check all that apply.
5. Do you talk about movies with others after watching them?
6. How do you talk about movies with others? Check all that apply.
7. Would you share your thoughts with film makers and cast members at a screening event?
8. Would you be interested in a movie membership that provides theater discounts, access to exclusive screenings, and filmmaker talks?
9. If yes, tell us about what other kinds of movie offerings you are interested in receiving.
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10. What movie genres interest you the most? Check all that apply.
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