India Care Collective: Form for offering financial support to needy people (Read the description carefully)
1) Assume roughly Rs. 2500 per month per family as min financial support required to cater to food requirements.

2) In order to be 100% transparent, we are adopting the following process -
i. we would identify/verify the beneficiary for you.
ii. we will send you their entire story, contact details and how to transfer funds directly to them through google pay/PayTM/Bank UPI transfer, etc.
iii. This will mean your effort will increase a bit but will give you more satisfaction in knowing the person who you are helping.
iv. It will also mean that you will not get an 80G exemption. Most donors are telling us that they don't care much about 80G at this stage.

3) How will we verify the beneficiaries?
i. We are capturing the identity of the person who is recommending such cases. The cases have to be of those who the recommend-er knows personally or has spoken with directly
ii. We will not encourage self-recommendations
iii. A team will call both the beneficiary and the recommend-er to establish authenticity. We will be adopting the mindset of trust and compassion which means when in doubt, we will go ahead and recommend the beneficiary. We may go wrong 10-20% of the times but that will ensure all needy get the help.

India Care Collective SOP:
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