FIRST Team 195 New Member Application
Thank you for applying for the Southington High School FIRST Robotics Team!

The advisors of Team 195 will review your application and notify you as to your acceptance status as outlined below. Please answer all of the following questions. Make sure you answer the questions seriously - a sense of humor is a real plus on the team, but the team needs serious, focused, dedicated people who can also have fun!

If you are accepted to the team, be prepared for a great experience! No one knows how much of a benefit you will get by participating, but the potential of personal rewards is great. You will only get out of your experience what you are willing to put into the team. That means working hard, playing hard, and respecting and supporting your teammates, mentors, and advisors.

Your Robotics Team 2020-2021 Handbook will include a complete explanation of the rules and your financial obligations. Dues for the season will be $195 but are not payable until you are accepted to the team. Dues are used to pay for one team shirt per member, bussing transportation to Connecticut events, and other team expenses.

This completed form is due back on or before September 13, 2020 3:00PM. If you have any questions about this form please email us at

Late submissions will not be accepted!
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