Breathalyzer Policy

Princeton High School students attending school activities should be aware that all Princeton Public School policies and Princeton High School rules and procedures apply. Of specific concern are issues related to alcohol and/or drugs. In effort to deter the use of alcohol at dances and other school activities, BOE Policy 5530 allows for Passive Alcohol Sensors (PAS) to be used to screen attendees.

PHS students attending school activities under the influence and/or in possession of alcohol or drugs are subject to all school sanctions as outlined in the PHS Student Handbook. Any student who refuses PAS screening will be denied entrance to the activity and the matter will be considered to have “raised suspicion” triggering mandatory testing under BOE Policy 5530.

If PAS screening indicates the presence of alcohol, a second screening is conducted. If the student denied screening, the second screening is positive, or the student is suspected of being under the influence of drugs, parents are notified to pick up the student and take them to the nearest medical facility for a medical exam, breathalyzer, and urinalysis at parental expense. Police and medical involvement are possible as described in the handbook.

It is expected that all students will act responsibly and demonstrate appropriate respectfulness to chaperones and their classmates. All students are required to sign this letter indicating they have read and understand the policy.

I acknowledge and understand that all school rules apply to after school activities. By choosing to attend these activities, I am agreeing to abide by all school and district policies and understand the consequences of violating these policies include:

• 4-day suspension from school
• loss of co-curricular activities/sports for 2 weeks
• loss of current or future leadership positions
• loss of parking privileges
• other disciplinary sanctions
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