2020 Composers' Commissioning Fund
The Bachtopus Accordion Ensemble requests submissions for their 2020 Composers’ Commissioning Fund. This fund is designed to promote awareness of contemporary accordion music in Brooklyn, provide composers with an opportunity to write for the instrument, and expand the repertoire for accordion ensembles. Submissions should be under ten minutes, written for intermediate accordion quartet, and accessible to the general public. Original work or a substantive arrangement of the composer’s previous work are acceptable. The open call for applications and draft submissions begins March 1st* and will continue until nine subawards are granted. We will collaborate with composers as they work toward a final draft. Composers will be awarded $500 for the completion of the final draft within a time frame that is agreed upon. For more details, please see https://www.bachtopus.com

*Applications are now accepted using a rolling deadline. Please make a brief statement of intent to let us know your interest.
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