Extended IIIF Adopters Survey
Thank you very much for agreeing to complete this survey. Data collected will be shared with the IIIF community in due course, to inform the creation of training materials for IIIF adopters, for both a detailed “quick start guide” and a comprehensive IIIF primer. Contact information will be used for verification and follow-up only, and will not be shared.

Target audience: Managers and/or technicians responsible for implementing IIIF standards in their digital image repositories.

Expected survey time: 10-15 minutes

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What kind of IIIF content does your institution have? (Select all that apply)
Who is your intended audience?
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What technology is being used to present digitized materials, if any?
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What image server?
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What presentation software?
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What persistence layer?
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How many technical personnel were/are working on IIIF related projects? In what roles?
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On a scale of 1-5, what level of difficulty did you face in implementing IIIF
What posed the biggest barrier to adoption and implementation of IIIF?
What was most helpful in overcoming this barrier?
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What did you wish you knew before starting with IIIF?
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What support, tools, and/or resources do you feel would benefit other institutions who wish to implement IIIF?
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Have you ever or are you now assisting another institution with implementing IIIF standards?
If yes, briefly describe your involvement (advisory, hosting manifests on your servers, development etc.)
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If yes, please describe the type, size, application stacks, etc. at the institution to which you provided/are providing assistance:
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May we contact in the near future about your experience implementing IIIF?
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