Hope City Church Elder Nomination Form (2020-2021 Term)
A. Procedure of nomination & election of elders
· Active Hope City Church members submit nomination to the Elder Nomination Committee.
· The Elders Board affirms each nominee’s general qualifications, such as personal salvation, active membership status, etc. and each nominee’s spiritual qualifications such as Biblical qualities, orthodoxy of personal doctrinal beliefs, Christian life testimony, etc.
· At the Annual General Meeting (AGM), Hope City Church members affirm each nominated candidate by the required vote.
· In the event a written objection against a nominee is received in writing which is regarded valid by the Elders Board, the nominee will not be included in the list of candidates at the AGM.

B. Who may make a nomination
The nominating parties must:
· Be a registered active member of Hope City Church
· Nominate only one name per nomination form, ensuring it is signed by two qualified nominating parties.

C. Who may be nominated
The nominee must:
· Be a registered active member of Hope City Church, regularly attending Sunday worship service and having served in a Hope City Church ministry for a minimum of 6 months or more.
· Possess the Biblical qualities of an elder (see below)

Note: Husband and wife may not serve as incumbent elders/deacons simultaneously.

D. Duties of a church elder (Hope City Church Constitution & Bylaws):

The Elders shall strive to meet the Biblical requirements of such passages as 1 Timothy 3:1-7 & 1 Peter 5:1-4.

They shall be responsible for the spiritual oversight of the church and the overall vision. This will include prayerful attention to the following important areas:

-Developing and casting vision through the leadership of the Lead Pastor.

-Guarding Biblical instruction.

-Arranging for the celebration of the ordinances (baptism and communion)

-Encouraging the development of spiritual gifts among the membership and encouraging the development of significant visionary ministries by those God has gifted.

-Encouraging the pastor(s) in their spiritual and professional development.

-Overseeing the provision and development of “pastoral care” in the Church.

-Overseeing the Directors of various aspects of ministry within the Church and participating in the Finance Team, and teams or committees as the need arises.

-Encouraging, exhorting, and when necessary carrying out appropriate discipline.

Nominations will be accepted until July 1st, 2019. Thank you!

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