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The following information will be treated as confidential and will only be used for quotation purposes. You can expect a reply within 48 hours. Thank you for contacting us. You can also find more information about our products at as well as in this video
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mycashless Modules
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Cashless® Reloads and Offline Sales
Promo Balance and Tokens
Dispatch & Open Cashless (VIP Tables)
dChip User App (Digital Bracelet)
Users Registration / Ticket Sales
Access Control
Secure Kids Areas
Online Ordering
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Requirements, comments and annual volume
Please share with us any considerations to better understand your operation. This is also the place to let us know how many operations and guests you execute for a whole.
You are in the best hands, please tell us how you found us!
Type the name of the person who kindly recommended us to you and/or the name of the operation where you saw the magic happen
Days of operation
Within the dates range you provided (for example, 2 months) if you only operate 4 days a week (Thursdays to Sundays) times 8 weeks, that's a rough estimate of 32 days of operation. Soccer tournaments might have 12 days of operations within 5 months and Baseball tournaments might have 37 days of operations within 4 months. You can leave blank if your date range is self explanatory like 1 or 3 days or so.
To the best of your knowledge: What is the amount of devices (points of balance reload, points of sale, points of access, etc) you will be deploying in your operation?
Our formulas will use the information you've already provided to calculate the amount of mobile devices you will need, still it's useful for us to know if you've already designed your operational flow. No prob if you don't have this piece of data. Thanks!
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