Identity Brief
A. About your organisation
Please fill in this form in as much detail as possible. Attach any documents or screenshots relevant.
Organisation’s mission statement
Services / products provided
History of the organisation
B. Vision and objectives for your brand
What is your vision for your new brand?
What do you want your new logo and brand to communicate?
Please write out the logo name exactly as you’d like for it to appear in the design
Do you have a short tag line you will sometimes use, when appropriate, with your logo?
If you want to draw us the illustrations - please describe the steps or exact information about the stages
What are your new logo’s foreseeable uses?
C. Target audience
Be as specific as possible about the target audiences for your brand. Provide as accurate a breakdown of the demographics as possible, e.g. gender, age groups, location (state, national, international, rural, city), interests.
Describe your audience
D. Project management
Explain the management structure within your organisation for building the site
Who are the decision-makers, their respective roles, internal decision-making procedures.
Detail your expectations re project status reports
• how frequently you want to meet with the designers • what is expected by way of reports • how disputes are to be resolved
E. Background to the project
Provide any relevant history of the project and/or the organisation that would assist designers to understand people and content sensitivities, schedule, design, aims of the organisation etc.
F. Design preferences
Describe any existing brands the new logo and branding should work withDoes the new brand need to complement existing brands (logos, font, colours) or is it a stand-alone one?
Current marketing material
Corporate Style Guide
Do you require a style guide? This would normally include logo usage rules, fonts and PMS /CMYK/ RGB/ hex colours
What style would you prefer for your new brand? Please select no more than 2 options.
Are there any other words you would like to use to describe the required look?
What colors would you like for your new brand?
Specify whether any specific imagery or symbols should be used If there are any specific symbols or images you require please provide them below; alternatively the designers will choose symbols on your behalf, as appropriate.
Are there any fonts you would like us to use?
If yes please provide their names below
Are there any logos / brands / styles you like? Please provide URLs whenever possible.
Are there logos / brands / styles you do not like?
In your own wordsIs there anything else you would like to mention about your design preferences / requirements?
G. Testing and revision
Do you plan to test your new brand (using surveys, focus groups, interviews, direct observation or other form of customer testing)? Over what period will testing take place? – at the beginning, during and/or just before launch?
If changes are required as a result of feedback from the testing, please be informed they are not part of this design project and will be quoted for and charged separately.
H. Project schedule and deliverables
What is the deadline for the log / business cards / any other required brand elements?
Attach files
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