March Author/Blogger Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

--------------Sign-ups close Feb 20th! payment emails will be sent after and will be due by the 25th----------------

This giveaway will have a minimum of two winners:
1 fan winner
1 blogger winner (blog with the most votes wins)

The giveaway start date will be March 1st, 2014 (minimum sponsors of 12 must be met). The value of the gift cards will be determined by the number of author/bloggers who participate. The winner will get a minimum of $50 gift cards. Payment for entry must be made prior to the start of the giveaway in order to be included on the rafflecopter and will be accepted by way of PAYPAL. Emails will be sent out asking for payment once minimum has been met.

When the giveaway is ready to launch I will email all participants with the rafflecopter link and info so that you can add it to your blog or share through social media.

-Current entry options are only Facebook and twitter but further entry options might become available should there be interest.

* More on Prizes:

If we receive a lot of sign ups then I will do more than one fan prize /blogger prize. It would look something like this if we had say 30 signups

1st prize: $100 fan / $ 100 blogger
2nd prize $ 40 fan / $40 blogger

You might be wondering why 30 entrants, which would be $300, would only have a prize pack equal to $280? Paypal charges a fee, possibly, depending on how funds are transferred. It is possible each payment I receive could charge a fee of 2.9% of the total amount paid plus an additional 0.30 per transactions. So that means your $10 is only really $9.41 (possibly). So if everyone who paid had a fee attached then that $300 turns to $282.30 after fees. The fees only apply if you pay in paypal using a debit or credit card.

*The Benefits of this giveaway:

Why a fan and most voted blogger winner? By putting a voted for blogger we will get more exposure because not only will blogs more likely share this giveaway, they might even pimp it in hopes of winning. Also with this type of giveaway the more authors/bloggers we have participating the greater reach we have which also means the greater chance you have of seeing your likes/ followers / other increase greatly.

Thank you for choosing to participate in this giveaway!

Please Note: Even blogs who are a sponsor on this giveaway can have an opportunity to win the most voted for blogger spot. However, I would like to note that my blog, Back Off My Books, will not be eligible to win since I am organizing the giveaway. I want to make sure everything is fair and transparent.

This giveaway is being organized and put together by Jenn from Back Off My Books

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me:

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