Change Makers program
In service to our ten-year history of supporting Makers in our community, the Idea Foundry is proud to announce Change Makers--an initiative to support local mission-aligned arts, education, and tech nonprofits and pro-social entrepreneurships.  

Change Makers cohorts will have special access to discounted workspace and membership for their small or growing teams, complementary to our events venue spaces to host public-facing outreach and fundraisers, and support from our community with available mentors in key business growth areas like operations, product development, and business development.

In exchange, you'll be contributing to our broader community with your own Meetups or programming, and collaborating with us to build content that shares your journey with the Foundry network. 

Ours is a community of more than 800 members, including over 400 Central Ohio small businesses, and our favorite way to help our entrepreneurial ecosystem grow is to bring those who, like us, want to help Make the world a little better every day.  

If you represent a small-team non-profit or a socially-conscious startup with an annual budget of less than $200K, apply for support here.  
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