SAAM Arcade Indie Developer Application - 2018
SAAM Arcade is an annual event presented by the Smithsonian American Art Museum with support from IGDA DC, MAGFest, and the Entertainment Software Association. The Arcade is a family-friendly event where hundreds of people an hour may play your game. This year, SAAM Arcade will be held on July 22, 2018 and will feature a selective group of independent developers whose works are centered around a particular theme. We are now accepting applications for inclusion in the 2018 event; if selected, developers will be awarded a small stipend and invited to show their game at SAAM Arcade.

Please read all instructions thoroughly. Incomplete applications/applications with dead/missing links will not be considered for the showcase.

Developers of all ages and backgrounds are welcome to apply. If a game has been shown at SAAM previously it is not eligible for resubmission, but developers who have previously shown are welcome to submit new projects.

This year's theme is... GAME SPACES.

Interactive media engages audiences with a variety of spaces: artistic spaces, public spaces, and social spaces, that capture the imagination and bring us together. This summer, SAAM Arcade will focus on “game spaces” as a connecting idea that links video games to art, architecture, and the museum as a space for discovery and engagement.

Games entered should have a topic, design, or features that fit into one of these areas:
• Games that make interesting use of space, board, or level design.
• Games that transform the real-world spaces in which they are played.
• Games that are inspired by or that inspire a strong community or social space.

Entries are due by April 16, 2018. If you have any questions, please e-mail

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NOTE: This section asks you to submit a number of live links. Please test that all links and submitted builds are working before submitting your application. Entries submitted without a playable game build file or valid link to playable demo will be labeled incomplete and will not be reviewed.

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