Future of Energy 2019 by YES
The aim of this survey is to develop an understanding of what energy students and young professionals think about what lies ahead for the energy industry. This survey will help us spread the views of those who will be shape the future of energy.
Tell us What Forces are Shaping the Future of Energy
The first part of the survey deals with the forces defining how the global energy system and its regional and local components change.
Where is your ‘home country’ energy system positioned in the ‘trilemma’ between security of supply, affordability and sustainability now and where do you expect it to be positioned in 20 years? (1) Very low importance - (5) Very high importance. *
Security of Supply - Today
Security of Supply - In 20 years
Sustainability - Today
Sustainability - In 20 years
Affordability - Today
Affordability - In 20 years
Rate the importance of the following mega-trends in shaping the future of energy from very low importance (1) to very high importance (5) *
Climate Change
Technology innovation
Accelerated urbanization
Demographic changes
Shifts in global economic power
Optional - Did we miss a mega-trend? Please, add one or more:
Your answer
Rate the level of disruption - non-incremental changes - that you expect for the main elements of the global energy system during the next 20 years: *
Very Low - None 0-10%
Low 10-30%
Medium 30-60%
High 60-90%
Very High 90-100%
Overall Disruption of Energy System
Energy technologies
Energy business models
Energy policy and regulation
Energy consumption and use
What will be the main driver of the transformations in energy in the next 20 years? *
What are key uncertainties about the future of energy that keeps you up at night? (e.g., commodity prices, electric storage). Please, use ";" to separate your answers.
Your answer
What are key action priorities about the future of energy that keep you busy (you work/research/study on)? (e.g., energy subsidies, energy efficiency). Please, use ";" to separate your answers.
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Tell us What the Future of Energy Looks Like
Think about the energy system in two decades from now and tell us what you see - we invite you to portray a simple, but descriptive picture of what you expect the future of energy to be like. Some suggestions: What technologies dominate energy production? What are the main uses of energy? Is it sustainable, secure and affordable?
How do you imagine the future of energy in 20 years? *
Your answer
What must we know about the future of energy? Send us a news article, a start-up, your master thesis, anything that you consider relevant for the future of energy.
Your answer
Tell us a little about you
This part help us analyze your answers in a disaggregated fashion to analyze how the perspectives on the future of energy differ regionally and depending on your occupation.
What is your current occupation? *
What is your country of residence? *
Thanks for participating - Discover what else is going on!
Contribute to our effort in bringing about real change by helping us in our next surveys. We promise to make them as relevant and short as possible, and to work hard to get your voice heard.

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