Blackwell Public Library Community Survey
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On average, how often do you visit the library?
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How would you rate each of the following library services?
Customer Service
Book Selection
Online Services
Interlibrary Loan
Computers and Printers
Internet Access & WiFi
Hours of Operation
Overall Rating
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How important are the following library services to you?
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Variety of Book Genres
New Releases & Bestsellers
Reference & Nonfiction
Children's Programs
Teen Programs
Adult Programs
Family Programs
Computers and Printers
Assistance using Computers
Reading/Study Areas
Community Meeting Room
Internet Access/Wi-Fi/Hotspots
Interlibrary Loan
Online Services (website, databases, etc)
Newspapers and Magazines
Notary Public Services
Digital Library (OverDrive)
Curbside Service
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How do you typically find out about library programs?
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We value your opinions. Please answer the following questions to help us make this a better library for YOU!
What is the best or most valuable service that the library offers?
How could the library and its services be improved?
What is your favorite thing about the library?
What programs would you like to see added at the library?
What book genres, authors, or series would you like to see added at the library?
What is the library's biggest benefit to the community?
Do you have any other comments or suggestions or anything you would like to share with us?
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