Rosamond Incoming Kindergarten Survey
Please fill out this form as soon as possible, even if you have already stated a preference in the office. Thanks!
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If Yes was selected above, please list the parent's work location/job title. (If you wish to have JSD employee status factor into determining your child's placement. *If you choose not to state that here, you understand you are waiving that right).  If No was selected, or if you do not wish to answer, write NA. *
Do you prefer full-day or half-day kindergarten? (*Please note that you are stating a preference. We will do our best to honor as many preference requests as possible. However, stating a preference is not a guarantee of placement.) *
If your child is placed in half-day kindergarten do you prefer A.M. or P.M. kindergarten? (*Please indicate your preference for A.M. or P.M. even if half-day kindergarten is not your first choice).  *
We will be sending out information via email in the coming weeks about how to sign up for a 15-minute assessment appointment that will give us more information about our incoming kindergarteners. Please check "Yes" to indicate you have read this information. Thank you!
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