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(Airdrop : $ 930,000 based on $ 0.03)

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What is GoldLink reward?
GoldLink has reward 45 billion DECA coins, 90% of its issue coins, for GoldLink participants with 20-year and half-life algorithms (Invite friends / hearts, content creation, tribal system, etc.)
Reward is on a 7-day (1-week) basis, offering "heart" coupons for activities of GoldLink participants (app users) around the world and converting these "heart" coupons into DECA coins on a 7-day basis provide

This reward system is providing high value opportunities such as Bitcoin early mining
Bitcoin mining is a computer algorithm, but the GoldLink Reward System is a human activity reward system that rewards for participants' activities (Invite friends, content production, tribal activities, affiliate registration, etc.)

The GoldLink reward system is the most advanced and fully shared economic system on the planet, with the benefits of increasing your global users by your interests and activities, and the profits that are generated thereby, to be provided to all participants (especially those with high returns to active participants)

DECA coin Rewards for 20 years : 45 billion

Basic Reward Guide:
A = "Heart(Invite friend)" of the world's users collected for 7 days
B = Reward block (DECA coin) assigned on a weekly basis

A = 10000 "Heart"
B = 10 million ( 1 reward block, 1 week )

B / A = 1000 DECA Coin
1 "heart" = 1000 DECA coins provid

However, in order to prevent the side effects caused by the initial excessive reward, the limit of per capita reward for 7 days is limited to DECA coin of 500,000 ($ 15,000 based on $ 0.03), and the remaining reward block budget is automatically set as the next reward block.

This high limit may be increased or decreased by GoldLink reward policy.

If you would like to receive GoldLink reward, please fill out the form below.

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(e) Telegram ID confirmation method : -> Check the ID ("@xxxx") after clicking the setting menu on the right side of the telegram

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DECA app user reward application

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