Creating a "Math-ful" Environment Cohort Application
Yes, math can be a >blast< and in this hands-on series of workshops, we're going to prove it! You will learn how to put the latest theories in math instruction to use in creating and facilitating quick, fun, daily math activities. In addition, you will learn how to support staff and parents/caregivers in thinking more math-fully and will create an action plan for making math happen all the time.

We'll explore and practice games that help young people build skills in: Counting and Cardinality; Operations and Algebraic Thinking; Measurement and Data; and Geometry. And we'll teach a simple process that will enable you to improve and evolve math activities so they never get stale.

As with all Spark Decks workshops, this series will focus on the process of innovating new ideas from a “spark” and reflecting and modifying activities each time they are implemented. In this way, learning-on-the job and the continuous quality improvement cycle are embedded into the workshop.

The four workshops in this cohort series take place on October 19, November 9, January 11, and February 8, from 10am to noon. Everyone will receive materials to implement the math activities easily, and breakfast is included!
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