SURVEY: What do journalists do with text?
Thank you for taking this survey. Your answers will inform my John S. Knight Journalism Fellowship project at Stanford University, where I'm working on designing text-data processing solutions for journalists. Read more about it in my blog>
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If you've worked on a news story/project that involved the analysis of a large group of documents (official statements, tweets, emails, speeches, etc.), please share the following information about it:
Your position/role in the production of the story:
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Please share a link to the story:
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If the story is not published/available, include a brief description below (summary, date of production, media outlet, authors)
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1. How were the documents/text obtained? (mark all that apply)
2. Where did you source them from? (ex. NYPD; websites of stores selling bicycles in California; twitter accounts of US lawmakers, etc.)
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3. In what format were the documents obtained?
4. Which of the following processes were involved in the preparation of the documents?
5. How did you analyze/process the content of the documents?
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