Blossoming Your Personal Power: Complementary Session
Use this form to apply for your private phone conversation with Yeshe. You'll hear back from someone on the team within 48 hours; and, if accepted for the complementary session, you'll be informed of how to schedule your time with Yeshe.
Are you ready to stand at the fire of your transformation with the sacred presence, clear guidance and strong support you require? Imagine emerging from that fire with your hands full of gold. Have a deep breath. Now imagine you knew exactly which steps to take next--not to go around, under or over that fire; but, through it. You know it's time. Burn away your numbness, disconnection, or self-esteem issues and become your most powerful self. See how simple it could be to stand in your power consistently, with someone who shows you how. I'd be honored to show you that path, Sweet One.

Complete the short form below to tell us about yourself, your self-empowerment goals and why you'd be a great fit for a complementary phone session. Go ahead… put your deepest desires on the fast track (it starts with completing this form) and we’ll look forward to offering you this exquisite gift.

With SiStarly Love and Blessings,
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Working With Yeshe
In these short videos, clients speak about their profound experiences, in working with Yeshe in private coaching.
Advancement On Life
Success From Within
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