Sunwell Project: Mists of Pandaria Recruitment
Hello, dear adventurer,
if you have already been to Pandaria, we are actually looking for the people like you. However, there are some details we want you to know.

First of all, we're looking for experienced travelers who had spent a lot of time on Pandaria and who have extensive knowledge about this land. You have to truly know everything about this place. Furthermore, you have to have A LOT OF TIME because there is a lot of work to do, so if you have a great deal of spare time and if you like working hard, our team is the perfect place for you.

Sunwell community lives in the north of Azeroth, it's time to prepare for them a land on the south.

Let the closed alpha tests begin!



1. Age - at least 18.
2. VERY good knowledge about Mists of Pandaria expansion. We're looking for people that played on MoP.
3. A LOT OF SPARE TIME - minimum 2-3 hours most day.

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Access to a special role through the recruitation
PvE Tester - he is responsible to checking out the all PvE features, such as: quests, mobs AI and movement, loot, world events, raids, dungeons, scenarios and many more.

PvP Tester - he's responsible for testing classes, arenas, battlegrounds and all PvP aspects of the game.

We require testers to spend lots of time on PTR, we require them to be knowledgeable regarding Mists of Pandaria and to help the developers fixing mechanics.
Testers are responsible to checking out the mechanics, researching for information and the direct work with the developers.
Testers need to have experience on Mists of Pandaria expansion, but for PvE testers knowledge about previous expansions (especially Cataclysm) is also diserable.

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3. Experience with Mists of Pandaria *
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5. Amount of time you can spend with us daily *
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6. Why would you like to join a team that develops Mists of Pandaria? *
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7. For PvP Testers: Which class would you like to help us develop?
8. For PvP Testers: Which class specialization are you the most familiar?
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9. For PvP Testers: Tell us a few words about your PvP experience in Mists of Pandaria (e.g. arena ratings, battleground achievemements, etc)
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10. For PvE testers: What would you like to test/help us with?
11. For PvE Testers: Tell us a few words about your PvE experience (e.g. Loremaster achievement progress, raid tiers progress, knowledge of open world/ RP events, etc)
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12. For PvE Testers: Are you familiar with previous expansions raids and dungeons?
13. Thank you for filling the form. If you have any questions, ask us!
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