School Vacation Fun @ the Farmhouse for ages 6-10!
The same award-winning social skills program that runs during the school year, is being held in extended school vacation form! Think of it as the play opportunities that kids need for social growth, confidence, and success with a social safety net layered underneath.

Every day will include day-camp and participant-inspired games and activities with ample free-choice time. Participants are encouraged but never forced, to try new things and learn to initiate and negotiate interactions with peers. Social coaching is the backbone of the program and provided consistently throughout to reinforce the practice and application of skills.

Most kids know what they should do in social scenarios when asked, but are not necessarily able to apply that knowledge in real situations. Using our unique, and in-the-moment brand of social coaching, we help kids learn to interact, by actually hanging out together and interacting. The hardest times for many kids are activities and environments where the structure is scarce. Coaching provides the tips, tools, and advice to better generalize these skills to other settings.

The program meets three times each of the vacation weeks on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9:00 AM-Noon. There will be sessions during December, February, and April vacation weeks for 2021-2022.

A minimum of 4 participants is required to hold a program week, and there is a maximum of 12 spots in each group, each week.

Reserve your child’s spot now and I will arrange payment directly with you before the program starts. Tuition for a program week is $450 paid via credit card, $425 paid with a check, or $400 cash (a receipt will be provided if requested).

The program will be held outside at my antique farmhouse, on an acre of land in a beautiful spot in Boxborough. We also have an indoor clubhouse space to utilize in inclement weather and for table games and activities. Staff members are fully vaccinated and face coverings for participants are optional and left up to parents.

Participants will bring their own water bottles and snacks (I will have extra on hand just in case).

Not every program fits everyone. Please refer to the guidelines on this registration form to decide if your child is ready for social coaching.

If you have questions or would like to discuss your child’s needs for support before registering, please contact me at or call/text 978/413-1965.
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