Yes! My Homeschool Co-op/Group Will Participate in HSSW, 2017!
Thanks to you and your co-op/group for celebrating HSSW 2017, the week of September 25-29. You are free to celebrate however you like, but we encourage your group to celebrate using the themed days that homeschoolers from all over the world have selected for this year's festivities. It is our hope that homeschoolers will feel a sense of unity and enthusiasm by participating in the same activities with each other each day of Homeschool Spirit Week, regardless of geographic location.
Information about these festivities will be announce during a Facebook LIVE broadcast on July 3rd:
and will be posted on our website:
We look forward to listing your co-op/group as a participating member of Homeschool Spirit Week, 2017.
Be sure to include a link and your email so we can send you the coop and group packet when it's available.

And PLEASE post group pictures to our Facebook Wall when the time comes. We'd love images of your group in action!

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