BuzzFeed News Survey: Are you a person who has tried to get tested for the coronavirus?
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When did you try to get tested for the coronavirus? (Please provide an exact date. If you tried multiple times, please list all the dates on which you sought testing.) *
In what city or cities did you try to get tested? *
In what state? *
What was the name(s) of the doctor’s office, clinic, hospital, etc. where you tried to get tested? *
Had you traveled to another country or state prior to seeking testing? If so, where?
What were your symptoms? *
Were you ultimately able to get tested? *
If you've been tested, what was the result?
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Briefly describe what happened when you tried to get tested. If you were denied a test, please describe any explanation you were given. *
If you were denied testing, what have you done since then? Have you tried to request a test again, self-quarantined yourself, etc.?
How have your symptoms progressed?
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