NAU Mathematics and Statistics Department Scholarship Recommendation form 2020
Thank you for your willingness to submit a recommendation for a scholarship applicant.
Please fill out this recommendation based on your interactions with the student in your courses.

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics awards various merit--based scholarships, some of which include consideration of financial need. We are looking for outstanding Mathematics, Statistics, or Mathematics Education majors planning to graduate in the Fall, 2020, or later, who have distinguished themselves as scholars. In writing your recommendation, please address such student characteristics as diligence, initiative, etc., as well as ability to express and communicate mathematics, and enthusiasm and interest in the Mathematical Sciences.
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Applicant characteristics
To help us gauge your recommendation, please assess each of the following (1 is lowest, 5 the highest, N/A if you have no basis to judge that characteristic):
Native mathematical ability
General mathematical knowledge
Initiative and resourcefulness
Interest in his/her field of mathematics/statistics
Ability to express self in writing
Ability to express self orally
Ability to work with others
Emotional maturity
Promise of success in chosen field of study
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Please write any additional information that might help the committee in the screening process. Thank you!
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