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About Us
A+D Projects is an experimental studio made up of a group of upper-division graphic design students. We are a unique group with a wide variety of skills and strengths and we have come together to collaborate with programs within the School of Art + Design. We provide our service to the varied programs in many different areas. We concept, design, code, problem solve, critique and produce while gaining real world experience, functioning much as an agency would.

At this time, we only serve groups within the PSU School of Art + Design. We also cannot accept projects from parts of PSU outside of the School of Art + Design (please contact the talented people at the PSU Graphic Design Center for projects outside of A+D: http://psugdc.com)

This term, A+D Projects meets from 2–4:50pm in room 330 of the Art Building. While we prefer meeting during those hours, meeting times may sometimes vary depending on your and your student teams' individual availabilities.
Your Project
After completing this form, we'll be in contact to set up an initial meeting to get to know your project and needs. Your team will create up to two rounds of concepts for you, then complete a design for your project. If things aren't quite right, you'll have up to three rounds to work on minor text or layout issues.

Note: New projects can be large or small, but please contact our team as soon as possible to allow them the maximum amount of time to design and product your project. Please note that projects due less than 15 working days after you submit are often not feasible.

Please also note that projects submitted close to the end of one term may be held until the next term. As we are student staffed and operate as a class ourselves, we cannot work while classes are not in session, and often cannot staff extremely late-in-term projects with time enough for our teams to work. If your project has a deadline close to the start of a new term, contact kateb@pdx.edu or sean.schumacher@pdx.edu directly.
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Please note that A+D Projects is only available to programs and groups within the School of Art + Design at this time.
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Please note: in many cases, projects with deadlines of less than 15 days are not feasible (more if it is close to end of term). If your project will need to be completed close to the start of a new term, please also contact kateb@pdx.edu and sean.schumacher@pdx.edu directly.
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